Make the most of your CoSend free trial

Welcome to CoSend. Thanks for joining our growing community – we’re glad to have you on board. Now that you’ve signed up for your free trial, you may be wondering: what should I do next?

We thought we’d help you get started by offering you a few pro tips on the basics. Follow this short guide to begin exploring some of CoSend’s powerful features, and see what they can do for your business.

And if you haven’t already, arrange a 15-minute walkthrough with a member of our support team, so that we can help you get the most out of CoSend.


Connect your social media channels

CoSend is an all-in-one platform that lets you schedule and manage posts to Facebook pages, Google My Business listings, Instagram Business pages, LinkedIn pages and profiles, and Twitter.

You may just want to start with a few of these channels to get used to posting through CoSend – or you might want to connect them all up to see what this tool can really do!

One of the greatest benefits of using CoSend is that you can view all your posts to all your channels from one place, and post directly to each of those profiles with the click of a button – it couldn’t be simpler.

Plus, you can schedule one post to send to multiple platforms, or pick and choose where a particular post will resonate the most.

To connect your first channel, select Manage Social Profiles from the left-hand side of your dashboard and click Add a social media profile.



Pro tip: if you’re connecting an Instagram Business Profile, you’ll want to be sure to complete the dual connection process through Instagram and Facebook, which is outlined in this guide.

If you need some more step-by-step guidance on your channels management, visit our Helpdesk.


Invite your team

CoSend is the perfect place to collaborate with your colleagues, share ideas on content and spread the workload.

To add your colleagues, simply select Team Members under Brand Settings on the left-hand side of your dashboard. You can then send email invitations to your whole team to join in with posting, adding media and creating captivating content.


Upload your first image to the Media Library

We highly recommend that you include visual media in every post you create – it really helps your content stand out on your timeline and helps your followers connect with your brand. In fact, a post’s engagement can increase by 37% by simply including a photo!

Your Media Library is where you’ll store and organise all your images and videos to add to your posts. You can create your own folders and categorise your visual content in whatever way best suits you.

To explore this feature and everything it can do, select Media Library on the left-hand side of your dashboard. From here you can upload all your own files into CoSend so that adding media to your posts is super easy and hassle-free.

We know that sourcing your own imagery and capturing new photos takes time and resources. That’s why CoSend provides you with access to over 2 million free high-resolution images through Unsplash. Just select Free stock photos from the drop-down arrow and start searching a database of endless images!



Take a look at our start-up guide to using CoSend’s Media Library to learn more.


Create your first post with CoSend

Now your channels are connected and your team members are on board, it’s time to start posting! Here’s where you can really begin experimenting with what CoSend can do, how it can simplify the scheduling process and help you free up time for creativity.

Select Create a new post at the top left-hand corner of your dashboard and explore the popup. You can choose which of your profiles you want to post to, depending on the content you want to share. For example, industry news and insights will be perfect for LinkedIn, while staff photographs and company updates will enhance your Instagram and Facebook pages.

You can also add emojis, automagically generate hashtags and shorten links to help your posts reach a wider audience and appeal more to your followers. When you’ve created the perfect first post, hit schedule and view it in your Post Calendar.

For more details on creating and scheduling posts, visit our Helpdesk.


Now you’ve had a chance to try CoSend for yourself, we know you’ll be loving it as much as we do! If you’re not ready to say goodbye to all these exciting features, go to Subscription under Brand Settings and sign up to your perfect plan.

If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, visit our pricing page to see what’s included in each.


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