Holly Social has rebranded as CoSend!
A white label social media scheduler

Generate a new revenue stream with a self-branded social media scheduler.

Your customers and team will enjoy a branded experience from their initial registration through to email notifications and beyond.

100% white label

A social media tool to call your own

A white label solution customised to the smallest detail: your domain name, your logos, your colours, your choice.

Impress your customers with a fully self-branded social media scheduler that delivers a seamless user experience.

Reseller benefits

Enter new markets & earn recurring revenue

Market your own tool to sell to your clients and create a new revenue stream that keeps the money pouring in. With CoSend, it’s easy to create tiered subscriptions and lockdown usage (e.g. maximum social profiles) based on subscriber level.

Bill monthly, yearly or both with over 135 currencies supported. Alternatively, you can handle billing in external systems, or you can remove billing altogether – perfect for agencies.

Easy to use

Essential features & an intuitive interface

Enjoy a separate user-friendly dashboard for all your clients, each with an interactive calendar, media library and unique scheduling features that make it easy than ever to share great content and stay organised.

In addition, we offer a dedicated white label admin panel where you can manage users, impersonate them (browse an account as that user), send notifications, view system statistics and more.

Powerful API

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems

Your white label system will have its own self-branded API so that you can connect it with your existing software. Schedule posts on command, upload media and manage your users.

The email setup also integrates flawlessly with your existing email workflows to provide a smooth transition.

Support & guidance

Expert training, ready-made guides & dedicated support

Get access to a dedicated account executive, training materials and honest, human support from specialists to help you and your clients make the most of your product.

Enjoy how-to guides and step-by-step tutorials so your team can get to grips with the system easily. You can even take our documentation and display it on your own website or use it as a base to create your own for your clients.

Fully managed systems

Your own branded tool without the hassle

Building a social media scheduler is expensive and keeping it running is difficult. Social networks constantly change their rules and APIs, and serious infrastructure is needed to ensure posts always go out on time.

Save yourself the expense and hassle by using CoSend instead. And if you need help, email us and we’ll be here to answer your questions.

I recommend that all my clients use CoSend for employee advocacy. The flexibility to add all employees and send out social media posts at low cost is excellent.

Martijn Drijver

Senior Online Marketer

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